Wednesday, October 25, 2006


Settling into a groove now, and finding more sleep. I picked up my residence card, a tremendous accomplishment. I am now legal--though I can't say the same for Tif.

The pics are from our bar crawl- an annual event put on by the second years. Each section had to dress up in different costumes, mine drew the superheroe assignment. My team, (members include from left Ranjeet and Nizami, and Guilllerme, with wife Maria, and Sylvia above) went as SuperBCNeta--a tribute to the work crews that clean the city (quite well). I was pushing hard for my other idea, SuperTapas, but we had a strong showing and the bar crawl was a blast.

On a separate note, one quirk I have noticed here is large number of middle aged people in driving school. It's really bizarre how many times you drive by a training vehicle expecting to see a pimple faced pissant and instead see a guy in his forties with his daughter in the back seat. Anyone who visits will see what I mean.

For now at least I'll keep my thoughts on our two day Career Forum to myslef, other than to say it was quite a frenzy and the possibilities are both humbling and exciting. I'm thrilled to be here.


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