Sunday, October 29, 2006

No Ricardo Tubbs Sightings

Since Halloween is essentially a non-event, Barca trainer Frank Rijkaar had to carry the Ricardo Tubbs torch for me. Hotly contested Champions League game tonight between Barca and Chelsea, ending in a two-two draw after a Chelsea goal in extra time. I am looking for an underdog squad to support, one that needs me more than FCB and is more likely to have Air Plus Comet than Iberia as their official airline.

The head of Google Spain gave a presentation this evening--by far the best company visit yet. Extremely impressive guy and the insight into the company's operations was exhilarating. At the risk of sounding cheesy, what stands out is the successful coexistence of altruism and capitalism resulting in products that add value to consumers for free. As a bonus I got a 50 Euro Adwords coupon, an entre into their suite of applications which hopefully won't drive too much traffic to this site for google's server to handle.

Tomorrow is a holiday, which I will use to log some practice time in accounting and decision analysis, hopefully outdoors, in anticipation of next week's midterms, and try to explore a little bit. Any time I get void of immediate obligations serves as a reminder how great this city is, and how glad I am to be here.


Blogger Catalonic said...

Great blog Owen, a welcome addition to the IESE irreverent blogosphere.
Careful with the futbol slights though.... Espanyol fans are vicious and might take offense to you calling Racing Santander the other team in town, or Cantabrians being called Catalunyans for that matter.
The Spanish are very sensitive, having little else to get riled up about.

5:51 AM  

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