Sunday, November 05, 2006

Spanish Group Dinner

Eventful weekend. Friday night I went to a very good comedy show. After the opening act tanked, the main draw, Phil Nichol delivered. He's got all the tools--excellent impressions, creative "actual events", and hilarious original music. Google informs me that many of the ip addresses used to view this blog originate in New York--keep an eye out for Phil when he performs there in February.

I am constantly reminded how fortunate I am not just to be here attending a great school, but also that my Spanish group and work group are phenomenal. Saturday my Spanish group got together for "dinner" at Guillerme's. Our professor, Berta, joined --great food and fun. At around 2 we went to Universal for some dancing and as usual Quintin set the tone.

The pic of Quintin, Michel, Berta and Jan-David, does not do justice to the power of Quintin's dancing. Basically he brings a French "estripper" aesthetic to Will Farrell moves that's more impressive than hilarious. It's nights like this that stimulate the senses and make the work load easier to tackle.

This afternoon, my work group assembled at my place for Ranjeet's Accounting Boot Camp. It was actually pretty fun, and we got a lot done in five hours. I can't say that I dominate the subject now, but certainly have more clarity leading in to Thursday's midterm. Poco a Poco.


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