Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Invitados and Oratory

Midterms came and went, hopefully well thanks to Ranjeet's accounting help.

Friday afternoon, I wanted to celebrate midterms and the recent warm spell by taking a dip in the Mediterranean, but I had visitors to meet. Despite the damper in my swimming plans, guests could not have come at a better time, and exploring Barrio Gotic, El Borne and the Modernist architecture in my neighborhood with Sara, Brad and Dave reminded me what this city has to offer.

Saturday was Sol's birthday, and we had a nice gathering in her honor. A focal point of the merriment was Ale's brownie cheesecake.

I live with two wonderful people, and it's certainly a bonus Ale is a pastry chef in training.

Between Sara and Dave leaving, and Brad embarking on a motorcycle trip through Catalunya and the Pyranees,

I somehow unknowingly became a memebr of the whiskey an cigar club, IESE's defacto oratory society. The task was to give a 3-6 minute speech (loosely enforced) on who was history's most influential assassin and why.

Perhaps aided by whiskey free delivery, my speech on Gavrillo Princip was good enough for a 2nd place tie, the reward being an atta boy for representing first-years well, and an invitation to the next gathering. I look forward to it, especially if I can find a gong between now and then, in the interest of enforcing brevity.


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